Tuesday, July 11, 2006


If planning to rent and live in Baguio City, considering some things would be helpful. As to my experience it is better to check some classified ads, and Midland Courier's weekly publication every Sunday is a huge help. Some locations to find affordable places to rent near town are Aurora Hill, Trancoville, Engineer’s Hill, Valenzuela and Rimando Road where I live are famous spots. Though farther the cheaper, Hillside, Pacdal, Bakakeng and outside Baguio like La Trinidad could be considered. Normal rates would be Php 1,500 for bed space, Php 3,500 for a room or bachelor’s pad and around Php 10,000 for a house. For transients, Midland Courier ads are again helpful. There are also some who would stay in bus terminals to get some travelers to rent as transients. Teacher's Camp is famous for visitors to stay in. The most accessible hotels near town are 45 Hotel which is usual for people I hear checking in, Veniz Hotel, Bloomfield Hotel and El Cielito Inn. Manor Hotel is some what way too far located in Camp John Hay. Of course the best way to have a place to stay when visiting Baguio City is to be friendly. Having a friend before going to Baguio would be a sure way to have a company, enjoy and have free accommodation. Internet chatting is a sure fire way to do that but being careful should be thought about. So far since I have been living here for years, Baguio City people are really hospitable, friendly and warm despite the cold climate.

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